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ISS Research Project
ISS Research Project @ ARC
Animal Research - Russian Free Flyers
Animal Research - STS/ISS
Microbiology/Cell Biology Research on STS/ISS
Plant Research on ISS
Microsatellite Missions
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ISS Research Project @ GRC
Ames Research Center / ISS Research Projects
  Animal Research - Russian Free Flyers
  Bion M-1
  Bion M-2
  Foton M3

Animal Research - STS / ISS


Commercial Biomedical Test Module-3 (CBTM-3) utilizes a validated mouse model to assess the effects of microgravity on various physiological processes and systems. It will also assess the effectiveness of different therapeutics designed to reduce the deleterious effects of microgravity on living organisms. CBTM-3 supports a large tissue sharing program whereby several additional investigations are carried out in addition to the primary science; these investigations assess the effects of microgravity on the skeletal, cardiovascular, immune systems, liver, kidney and other physiological systems

  Mouse Drawer System Biospecimen Sharing
  Mouse Immunology-1

Mouse Immunology-2

Mouse Immunology-2, using the experimental model, will investigate the effects of microgravity on immune function. In microgravity, astronauts experience changes in immune function. These
studies will help determine the biological and/or biomedical significance of spaceflight induced changes in immune responses


Microbiology / Cell Biology Research on STS / ISS
  Leukin (Role of the interleukin-2 receptor in signal transduction)
  Microbe (Effect of Spaceflight on Microbial Gene Expression and Virulence in S. typhimurium, P. aeruginosa, C. albicans)
  PKINASE (Mechanisms and functional consequences of protein kinase C isoform translocation inhibition in monocytes exposed to microgravity.)
  SPEGIS I and II (Streptococcus Pneumoniae Expression of Genes In Space)
  Space Tissue Loss (STL)

  Plant Research on ISS
  Tropi I and II
  Biomass Production Systems
  Plant Signaling
  Seeding Growth

Microsatellite Missions
  Microsatellite in-situ Space Technology (MisST)
  MicroSat-1 (PharmaSat)
  Mission of Opportunity-1 (MoO-1)
  Mission of Opportunity-2 (MoO-2)

ISS Research Project @ JSC
ISS Research Project @ JPL
ISS Research Project @ KSC
ISS Research Project @ MSFC

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